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GRE/glassfiber reinforced pipe systems seem great, but it have to be so difficult?


Composites can offer many advantages in corrosion-sensitive applications.


But like all engineering materials they require specialized knowledge and experience to specify, design and install to guarantee optimum performance and enjoy all the advantages.


GRE/GRP is a very broad family name, covering a wide range of products, all with specific properties.


The term ‘GRP’ is as wide as the term ‘Metal’: carbon steel is different from super-duplex...







Glass fiber Reinforced Plastic pipe systems essential subjects:



  • Proper material selection and specification based on process details and expectations
  • Engineering and system design, based on the correct properties against the correct requirements
  • Qualification of system components: is the product suitable for the job
  • Quality control, not only when manufacturing the products, but also during installation
  • Installation: ensuring the qualified properties, knowing it works as it was designed and with sufficient safety margin.



What we can do to help:


  • Offer a knowledgeable consultant/inspector/engineer/source of information during engineering, design, installation, operation
  • Provide training of engineers, supervisors, jointers
  • Write a tailor-made project specs and ITP
  • Drive the production and installation quality to the required level and control this. No shortcuts: what is promised must be met, not only in the office, also in the field
  • Independent testing (or organize it)
  • Offer a valuable source of information on all aspects of glass fiber reinforced plastics, feasibility, (im)possibilities, limitations, challenges, opportunities etc.




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