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I' m Jeroen van Bussel, made in Holland, offering my experiences and knowledge on industrial glassfiber reinforced pipe systems, storage- and process tanks. Composites can offer many advantages in corrosion-sensitive applications, but like all engineering materials they require specialized knowledge and experience to guarantee optimum performance and profits.


During the first 24 years of my professional career I've been working for a manufacturing company, a raw material supplier and an end user of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe systems and tanks. This combination of working arenas has given me a very broad knowledge on virtually all aspects of a project, from calculations and design, to specifications and standardzation up to and including installation and commissioning.


I can give honest and independent advice, share unbiased knowledge on what, where, how and why (or why not) on available materials, standards (including the ISO 14692), installation, construction details, manufacturing and systems.


Is there possibly a way or a project where my input might be advantageous for you, your project or your company? Please don't hesitate, just contact me. What do you have to lose?


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